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To Be Or Not To Be FUNNY!

3rd WORKSHOP August 27th 2020, 6.30 pm GMT+02.00 (9.30 am PST)

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Comedy stage performance, public speaking & comedy writing.

Tammy Ingram earned her title as "humorist" throughout her 25 years as a professional stand-up comedian.   Born in Oakland, California and raised in San Francisco, Tammy began her career as a regular at the famous comedy club "The Zoo" in San Francisco.  After 7 years of standup comedy experience, she decided to make a bold and ambitious move across the Atlantic to live in Berlin. Germany.

In 2000, Tammy made her first appearance as a standup comedian in Berlin's English Theater.  She made her stand-up comedy tours in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich - doing her comedy routines in English and in the German language.  Ultimately, she landed GERMANY'S FIRST ENGLISH STAND-UP monthly show in Berlin in which she produced and performed her comedy.  As the English Comedy scene spread thoughout Germany in the early 2000's, Tammy continued to collaborate as well as work as a consultant for English stand-up comedy shows in Berlin, Munich and Cologne. 

As the comedy scene expanded though out Germany, Tammy refined her expertise as a humorist and took on different challenges.   She worked several years as a deejay for an Internet radio.  She also with worked with film production companies as a voice over specialist.  Tammy worked on major films, commercial ads, video games, informercial as well as animation production.


At the present time Tammy is recreating a weekly comedy show in Berlin.  

And working on her book about the art of comedy “A Laugh a Minute!”

For bread and butter – Tammy has been an online English tutor for a vocational collage for 16 years.

Quasch Comedy Club in Hamburg. 

Schmidts Tivoli Theater in Hamburg
Organizer and performer at the Friends of the Italian Opera English Theater, Berlin.
Regular at Hollywood’s English Comedy Night at the
Hard Rock Cafe, Cologne
Regular and host at the English Comedy Night at the Substanz Club, Munich
Regular and host at the Comedy Club Kookaburra Club in Berlin. 

Regular stand up comedienne at San Fransico’s famous 

comedy club “The Zoo“. A regular at the, The Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco CA. Hosted the amateur hour for the Navel Air Base in Alameda CA. Perfomedat the Comedy Store in Los Angeles CA. 

Job opportunities in Comedy

SCRIPT ADAPTATION WRITER Medialane GmbH Rödingsmarkt 9. 20459 Hamburg Magic Mike Show in Berlin 


VOICE OVER:  Patty Newler Improv Radio Show In San Francisco CA 

Voice over for the Sound Company GmbH production of the English animated television series “Bob’s Beach“, lead character.
Voice over for the Berlin Film Company production of 

the English animated television series “Sherm“, lead character 

SDI Media Germany GmbH |Rheingaustr. 29, 12161 Berlin 

Lavenderfilm GmbH HRB 20895 P. Amtgericht, Postdam

Disc jockey: Defjay.com Internet radion, Berlin Germany


Bachelors Degree in Business Communications and International Business Studies from the University of Maryland.


Tammy's "LIVE APPEARANCE"  was on the "Das 30 Minute Ideenfrühstruck Online Morning Show." that took place on 10th June 2020 at the AXICA Live Central Studio at the Brandenburg Gate.       Hosted by Bernhard Wolff!







PODCAST Interview:

Tammy Ingram's 30 minute interview about Standup comedy interview with Conference and meeting world host Mark Felstead.  Check it out!